by Giulia Logo Di Gregorio from H-FARM Innovation

One of the H-FARM hackathons

The word hackathon is a mixture of the words hack and marathon, where hack is used in the sense of playful and exploratory programming.
It is a “hacker” marathon in which participants, collaborate in a limited time-frame to design solutions to face today’s challenge.

Leveraging on our years of experience in organizing hackathons, here at H-FARM we have understood that the main ingredients are:

  • Consolidated Design methods

Let’s go over the importance of these ingredients in the success of a hackathon.

#1 Consolidated design methods

Design plays a key role…

by Andrea Vitali from H-FARM Innovation

Among the activities we design for clients are business games, web series and treasure hunts made to educate and entertain in an unconventional way.
Learn more about what we do in our Innovation division.

Can playing help a company improve its strategic planning, problem solving and overall creativity? As you may have guessed, yes. 😄
We are so convinced of it that playful activities have become along the years a huge part of our digital transformation projects, leveraging on our 15-year experience on corporate learning and people empowerment.

As technologies, markets and industries evolve lightning fast, corporations need out-of-the-box approaches to face existing and unforeseen challenges. From alternate reality games to treasure hunts, from business simulations to interactive storytelling, we use these tools to guide them in this direction.

by the CELI/H-FARM Innovation team

Elder people, children and teenagers, asylum seekers, people with medical conditions, citizens from different religious and secular communities are all groups at risk of exclusion from participation and decision-making in activities related to cultural heritage.

Thanks to SPICE, a project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme, citizens will be supported in taking part in curatorially-inspired activities such as collecting, storytelling and exhibition design. They will be involved in decision-making processes within museums, archives and cultural and scientific collections — thus becoming citizen curators.

Through CELI (our company specialized in artificial intelligence and natural language computing), we are one of the 14 partners.

The others are GVAM (mobile guided experiences), Padaone (mobile games), Design Museum Helsinki, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Gallery of Modern Art Turin, Hecht Museum, and 7 research centers (Bologna, Aalto…

by the maize team

Our cultural factory maize explores the evolution of people and organizations through stories, insights, points of view, and collaborative tools.

maize.INSIGHTS showcases a collection of challenging points of view about future scenarios and business opportunities.

One of the most interesting trends recently investigated by our team is aural identities. In a scenario where we are constantly interacting across different touchpoints, both digital and physical, sound plays a strategic role in developing a brand identity more recognizable and capable of engaging consumers emotionally.

The interaction between man and machine relies more and more on audio information, due to the increasing spread of voice assistants.

Sound has no language or cultural barrier and gives brands the opportunity to reach out to everyone…

At our campus students get in contact with companies, startups and professionals of any industry. Those attending the BA in Digital Management — that we deliver with Unive Ca' Foscari— can take advantage of relevant career opportunities in our international network of clients and partners.

Want to know more?

Alessandro Muscarà and Gianluca Schiavon — Porsche Italia

Alessandro Porsche is not just a prestigious automotive brand: it’s history, grit and elegance channelled through a vehicle. I have chosen Porsche Italia because they proposed a very ambitious project in the after-sales sector. Gianluca and I are working to renew the strategy and communication style so that they can be in line with the innovation introduced by Taycan, Porsche’s first completely electric car. Gianluca Working for Porsche is a dream come true. The first thing I noticed on my first day was how welcoming and hard-working, yet relaxed, everyone was. We have been entrusted with many different tasks, and…

10 good reasons

There are many different types of middle schools and high schools in the world. But which is the best school for your child?

If you are looking for an English-speaking school, you might want to consider an international school, which is the best choice for students who want to earn a high school diploma that allows them to access universities in the UK or USA.

International schools follow scholastic systems that are different from standard Italian schools. The best international schools follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) system.

What is the International Baccalaureate? The IB is a scholastic system that is…

10 buoni motivi

Ci sono tanti tipi di scuole superiori e scuole medie. Qual è la scuola superiore migliore per tuo figlio?

Se stai cercando una scuola in inglese, potresti prendere in considerazione una scuola internazionale, la scelta migliore per chi vuole un diploma per entrare nelle università inglesi o americane.

Le scuole internazionali sono scuole che seguono un sistema scolastico diverso da quello italiano. Le migliori scuole internazionali seguono il sistema International Baccalaureate (IB). Cos’è l’International Baccalaureate? È un percorso scolastico che risponde a un “ministero dell’istruzione” internazionale e che eroga un diploma riconosciuto dalle università americane, inglesi o straniere.

Se stai…

by Valentina Ercolani from H-FARM Education

Sparx team

In October 2019 our Sparx team — the one that plans and organizes our amazing digital activities for children and young people– went to Czech Republic (in a van!) for the ARTIFEX Conference dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and innovative out-of-the-classroom learning environments.


According to the European Union, STEM skills are essential for the 21st century.

ARTIFEX is an ERASMUS+ project that involves teachers and educators in actively experimenting with STEM subjects in innovative learning environments outside the classroom, such as Fablabs or Makerspaces.

It aims to strengthen the skills of educators to ensure that learning…

by the maize team

When we started working on maize.PLUS we knew we wanted to do something different. Which is what everyone aims at when designing something new, right?

On our side, we had a long experience with learning platforms: in the last 10 years, corporate training has been one of our core jobs — something that provided us with a deep understanding of the evolution of people’s learning habits, as well as companies’ needs and constraints. …

by Leonardo Antinucci, Lorenzo Masarin, Luca Ballistri

A group of students attending the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management, that we offer with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, had the opportunity to take part in Kinnernet Venice 2019, the 6th Italian edition of Kinnernet, a unique 3-day (un)conference created in 2003 by Yossi Vardi, that attracts the most renowned entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and technology experts of the world.

Kinnernet Venice 2019

Here are the most interesting insights that they collected by participating in some of the sessions held by the speakers:

Intercultural dialogue vs interspecies dialogue: how do we change the way we make sense of nature.

Nature is a resource, and since we are interconnected we have to act together. We cannot have…


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